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The Willows carrot cake is the best of Euskadi

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, tapas, cakes, coffee and tea, music … all the very best. Local attractions are recommending us this week Aitor Etxenike, Sukalki restaurant cook in Vitoria. As we in The Willows Suggested everything it is very rich, from the foreground to dessert. They take Arthur and Adriana. They started as a tearoom in her hand, and I Began When I came to feed.

Offer Inglés-style cuisine, chef That you describe some of the delicacies pinpoints served At this center Las Arenas. For example, baked hake with vegetables sauteed mushrooms and make the weekend That is spectacular. They highlight Also preparing roasts much every day, as the knuckle, roast beef, and so on. Adriana and the carrot cake is the best of Euskadi, asegura.Y Also omelette is very famous, I ADDS.

Indeed, not a few dishes monopolize the praise of praise of diners in esta space, including’cakes’ or feet. Peanut butter, lemon meringue, chocolate, classic cheesecake … Come on , it’s a paradise for gourmands.
To start dinner or lunch served, Among Others, squid and cod pot, chickpea stew and fungi or other pouts Addition to excellent salads and recipes; seconds and put meat and fish Also worth Mentioning; and as brooch, sweets to lose.

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Picoteo level

The Willows abrió sus puertas en 2009 y está dirigido por Rosario Ustara y su hija, Adriana Sena, especializada en pastelería por la Escuela de hostelería de Artxanda. Arturo García Prieto, su cocinero desde finales de 2014, fue profesor y segundo de cocina de la Escuela de Artxanda y ha trabajado en el Corte Inglés, Gorrotxa hotel Puerta América (Madrid), Río Asón (Ramales de la Victoria), Public Lounge o Panko.

The Willows opened in 2009 and is run by Rosario Ustara and her daughter, Adriana Sena, specializing in pastry by the School of Hospitality Artxanda. Arturo García Prieto, His cook since late 2014, was a professor and assistant chef at the School of Artxanda and has worked in the Inglés Court, Gorrotxa Hotel Puerta America (Madrid), Rio Ason (Ramales de la Victoria), Public Lounge or Panko.

Y muchas tartas
weekends have a letter with vegetables fire humus cajun (14 kinds of vegetables cooked al dente with a touch of barbecue), croquettes of Iberian chorizo, spicy chipis the stuffed grilled ratatouille and gravy, Hake Pintxo baked with vegetables and aioli sauteed, grilled vegetables with squid, roast beef and Its essential veal foot.
Adriana cakes are great: chocolate cream and glazed with chocolate With cocoa, chocolate brownie, carrot, apple, lemon meringue with strawberry jam or chesscake and Basque cake.

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